Co-Applicant vs Co-Signer vs Guarantor

Oct 24, 2023

A co-applicant (also referred to as a co-borrower) is an individual who is applying with the applicant and who will be registered on title and/or on the mortgage. The co-applicant’s income and debts are included in all mortgage calculations.

A co-signer is a person who is helping the applicants get approved for the mortgage by being added to the application in the same way as an applicant or co-borrower and will also be registered on title. A co-signer may be required if the applicant does not have sufficient income to qualify for the mortgage. The co-signer’s income (and debts) will be included. A co-signer is as fully responsible for the mortgage as the applicant.

A guarantor is an individual who is not registered on title but who is guaranteeing to the lender that if the applicant fails to meet his or her obligations under the loan the guarantor will meet those obligations. The guarantor’s income and debts are not included in the mortgage calculations unless he or she lives in the same home, however the lender still does a full application on the guarantor to ensure that the guarantor can make the mortgage payments if the applicant defaults. A guarantor may be required if the co-applicant(s) have poor credit but enough income to qualify.