Don’t just renew your mortgage, renegotiate!

Let us help you get a better renewal. Incredibly many Canadians renew their mortgage with the same lender because they believe it's too time consuming to shop around - or think their existing bank's offer is the best deal available.

This isn't necessarily true. Unfortunately, many of these same people simply accept that lender's posted rate or slightly better. 

Renewing Your Mortgage with Another Lender

Just because you've received a renewal offer from your current lender, doesn't mean you can't get a better deal elsewhere. I can evaluate your mortgage needs and determine whether your current mortgage is still the best fit. I'll also shop your renewal to many of Canada's leading lenders to help find the deal you want.

If you want to lower your monthly mortgage payment, pay off high-interest credit cards, consolidate debt, or lock in a lower interest rate? Then it's time to explore the benefits of Refinancing.

A Mortgage Refinance may be right for you if you want:

  • To consolidate your debt at a lower rate of interest than most major credit cards and loans
  • Help with the kids' education costs, your dream vacation, perfect vehicle, a home renovation and more
  • Emergency funds to handle unexpected expenses
  • To purchase investments or maximize your RRSP contributions

Refinancing is a great way to make your mortgage work for you. And the hassle-free application process is designed to make refinancing as smooth and stress-free as possible. We understand that your mortgage needs may change over time. And we believe that you shouldn’t be saddled with a sky-high interest rate or a payment you can’t afford when refinancing is an option. Book a call below.


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